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SoCal Dictionary Project
Our Mission is dedicated to providing free English and
Spanish/English bilingual dictionaries to all third grade
students in public schools across the nation.

We've established a turn-key, hands-on dictionary
distribution project with interested civic
SoCal DP is a 501(C)(3) not for profit organization.  To receive our not-for-profit
designation documentation:
Please send SOCAL DP NFP Information
"He who opens a
school door,
closes a prison."
- Victor Hugo
Why Get Involved?
Educators believe that third grade is the reading level that is key for every student.  Dictionaries help
students learn the meaning of words, how to become better spellers, better readers, better writers and
more creative thinkers! Students who have their own dictionary will use them more often.  Improved
skills...smarter students...better citizens.  
Get Your Organization Started !
Our Project is Turn-Key and Simple to
Set Up, Operate and Maintain.

First, contact local elementary schools and speak to the
school principal/administrator about your project and the
school’s interest. (See easy quick start guide to the
right.) Gain school approval for your project.
Next, decide how many schools your group will support
(one or more). Calculate the number of dictionaries (and
language preference) needed.
Then, contact SoCal DP with your order by clicking on
to the  
Contact Us  page.
Ask us to email the easy
Quick Start Guide.
Complete instructions on
how to contact school
administrators and
establish your project!~

Request SOCAL DP Quick
Start Guide
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